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18 Great Ways To Use Football Magnets To Market Your Business

As we’ve written about before, football is an essential marketing opportunity for any business, and especially for those that are high-touch and relational, like real estate, insurance, coffee shops, restaurants and more. It’s the most popular sport in America and a TV ratings bonanza, not to mention providing endless fodder for sports radio, blogs, and social media.

So we’re presenting 18 easy, practical and effective ways to meet your business goals using football schedule magnets.

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Go Where The People Are: It’s one thing to see a name or face on an advertisement, it’s another to run into that person during your day or see them in a familiar space. Pay attention to where your customers (current or potential) gather, and spend a little time there. Whether you arrange to leave a small stack at a salon, or hand them out while getting a coffee at your local shop, these familiar spaces are great ways to reach people where they are.

Ideas for where to hand out football schedule magnets

Magnet place ideas

Being present in the spaces people congregate absolutely works, and provides you a comfortable, familiar setting to connect with people.

“The coffee shop I go to every morning has a supply of them at the counter. Sometimes on Saturdays when it's really busy, I talk to people as I pass them out. One of those customers just closed his son's home purchase loan with me.”

  • Nyla Krulik, IA 

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Pet

Packer pugA friendly dog is a perfect way to meet people and engage them in a brief conversation. Throw a team jersey on your pooch (if they'll let you), and you'll be talking for hours. Gail Rutkowski, a Realtor in Wisonsin, gets her pug Bobo decked out in Packers gear as a way to meet people, and have them remember her.

“I put [Bobo] in his Packer jersey when I walk him to hang the schedules around my area, at open houses, just-sold or just-listed properties. We both get exercise, lots of (cheap) distribution, and LOTS of conversations with real people. I've found the best time is between Monday through Friday after 5 pm, Saturday mornings & afternoons, and Sunday mornings and evenings.

“Bobo never says a thing, but is the best conversation starter in his Packer jersey! This has helped me get listings, and/or more referrals, because they know someone who needs a Realtor, and I'm not just another name - I'm the friendly one with the pug in the football jersey who walked their neighborhood!” 

Make sure your mail stands out: Mailing a schedule magnet is a great opportunity to connect with customers and introduce yourself to new contacts. Whether it’s a magnet that mails on its own, or it’s inside an envelope with a message on the outside*, a football schedule magnet will stand out and get opened. We have envelopes in multiple colors for you to choose from, and there’s no price difference for color.

* Mark your envelope with a message about what’s inside to further encourage opens. Something as simple as including the team name in a quick message, like, “Bears schedule magnet inside for you!”

“I started doing spring baseball and fall football about 3 years ago. I mail them along with a personalized letter that features information about our market, rates, and always a personal paragraph about what is going on in my life. I ALWAYS get 30-40 emails, texts, phone calls about my letters and magnets. Keeping your name out there is key!”

  • Amber Ernst, IA

Houston Texans plus college teamsInclude Multiple Teams In Your Mix: Being able to combine schedules of college and pro teams on a single magnet allows you to reach a broad audience of fans who may have different favorite teams. You can also take advantage of rivalries by either including both teams’ schedules on one magnet, or just purchase schedule magnets for multiple teams*. Your customers who are fans of the teams will know that you’re paying attention to their likes and tastes, and that will set you apart.

*Our pricing lets you use the latest pricing for quantities as low as 100 magnets. Other companies start their lowest pricing at anywhere from 400  - 1,000 pieces. We’ll deliver the best product at the best value to give you the flexibility to super-serve your clients.

Ask Friends And Family To Share Them: You probably start out with giving magnets to friends and family members. Why not give them some extras and ask if they’ll share with their friends, family and co-workers? They’ll get to see people happy about getting a football schedule magnet, and the recipient will have an extra level of trust in you by getting them from someone familiar.

Remember The Ratings: While Monday Night Football is a cultural institution, it’s Sunday Night Football that has eclipsed it in popularity. Sunday Night Football has been the top-rated television series every year that it’s been on. Consider adding some Sunday Night Football magnets to your mix to be able to reach a general football fan audience.

Be Consistent: Once you start with football schedule magnets, chances are good that people will start to look for them when the season rolls around. We know of realtors that get inquiries about magnets as soon as training camps start in the summer. Being able to respond to that is a perfect way to connect or reconnect with a past or potential client.

“I give both football and baseball magnets to past, present, and future clients. I forgot to mail them out one season and received calls from clients asking where their magnet was! I'll never forget to order again!”

  • Jason Miller, MN

Look for team-specific opportunities: By intentionally targeting fans of specific teams, you’ll deliver the message that you’re the type of person who understands your clients and what’s important to them.

Include them in your proposals: Magnets are a great, low-cost way to give clients a reason to keep you in front of them. Including a football magnet in a proposal increases the likelihood that clients will spend a little extra time with your information, if not share it by posting in a public space.

“We use the football magnets with every proposal. We put the magnet inside the proposal booklet. We also keep a stack of them up front at our reception desk.”

  • Kristine Avram, CA

Even More Ideas: Here are some more ideas from our customers. Take a look and think about how you can use football schedule magnets to stand out and connect with your customers. If you have ideas you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you and keep a running list. Just email us here and tell us how you use football schedule magnets to grow your business.

Fantasy Football Leagues: “I am a loan officer at a local bank. We have a lot of people in our town involved in Fantasy Football Leagues. Each year when the teams have their draft night, I stop by and hand out my football magnets. I do not even have to figure out when the drafts are anymore - they automatically call and let me know so that I am sure to be there with my magnets! The plus side - I have gotten a lot of business from these guys. I guess seeing my picture on their beer fridge has made me popular!”
- Julie Pruemer, IL

Envelopes to match team colors: “I purchased red envelopes for my Cardinals mailing and blue for the Rams. I found that year more people approached me to say they got my magnet.”
- Deborah Rhodes, MO

*We offer a wide variety of colors for our envelopes at no extra charge, feel free to mix or match colors based on what you need.

Always have them on hand: “Carry them with you all the time. I keep some in my car at all times. When I go in somewhere, I carry about a dozen inside with me and if I run out, I just go to the car and get some more. It's a good conversation opener and a perfect way for us to advertise.
- Catherine Dufrene, LA

Near the stadium: “I distributed them to all the local establishments surrounding the local football stadium - bars, pizza joints, etc.
- Lori Pyanowski, NY

Connect with tailgaters: “I brought them to a Chargers game and gave them to some fans who were tailgating. I got 2 new clients from that! (But don't do this on the day they are giving away anything like this at the game.)”
- Mike Boehme, CA

Wear team gear when handing out schedules: “While grocery shopping, I wear my Saints gear and pass out my magnets.”
- Maggie Foster, LA

Sports bars: “Sports bars were the biggest hit! Even the bar managers look forward to getting them, so they have the Monday and Sunday Schedules to hand out to customers.”
- Bob Rodriquez, KS

Place them by cash registers: “The local pizza place keeps it on their soda refrigerator out front. They use it to know when they're going to be extra busy. When I go in to pick up a pizza they always recognize me as the football magnet guy!”
- Doug Wolfe, VA

Please consider visiting our website or calling one of our Customer Happiness representatives today and making our football products part of your mix.

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