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Mix & match name badges according to your style

Starting at 2 for $12  I  Ships in 2-5 business days

Mix & match names and styles for quantity price discounts

Choose from a variety of frames, styles, and shapes

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Make every hello meaningful

Name badges help convert those first impressions into future clients. With a variety of combinations, you can mix and match multiple designs so you'll always have the right badge for your outfit (plus the more you order the more you save). Badges are equipped with a magnetic fastening system so you won’t have to worry about pinning or poking.

Name badges

Turnaround Time

• 2-5 business days production time
• Dome resin badges cure overnight to create a sturdy and protective layer
• $6.95 flat-rate shipping, any quantity

What's Included

• Magnet fastener
• Synthetic polymer on standard frame
• Standard badges have clear, resin dome
• Premium badges have aluminum insert with metal frame
• Pin back available upon request
• Instant online proofing

Badge Styles

• Frameless
• Standard frames include: Gold, Silver, Black
• Bling Frame +$12 per badge
• NEW premium metal +$12 per badge
• Custom badge shapes available upon request


Badge Styles

Frameless name badges

Sleek + modern
This is our most popular option and incredibly versatile.

Acrylic dome name badges
Standard Frames

Bold + classic
The traditional badge with color options: black, silver, and gold plastic frames.

Bling name badges
Bling Frames

Eye-catching + glamorous
Make a statement with this upgrade.

Premium metal name badges
Premium Metal Frames

Fresh + clean
Contemporary style that pairs well with everything.


Badge Shapes

Oval name badges
Oval Badges

Round + sophisticated
• 3.25” X 1.75” with frame   
• 3” x 1.5” without frame

Premium metal name badges
Rectangle Badges

Sharp + timeless
• 3.25” X 1.25” with frame
• 3” x 1” without frame
• 3” x 1.5” with metal frame

Custom shaped name badges
Custom Badges

Stylish + unique
• A variety of sizes and shapes available

Elevate your look with easy-to-order name badges.

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Prices are much lower than the competitors.
Magnets work through heavy coats.
The only place I order my name badges.

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A shop makes ordering name badges easy

Setting up a shop is easy and free. With your logo and desired templates we construct a shop that is unique to your brand and team. Saving you time and money by having all your branded products accessible for easy ordering.

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Easy Ordering

No hidden fees and no minimums. Order exactly what you want, no more purchasing inventory or paying multiple shipping rates.

Take control of your brand

Your brand presented the way you want. You approve the design templates and the products that go in your shop.

Save time and money

Everything in one place enables you and your team to easily order and manage your branded products from one easy location.


Frequently Asked Questions

I only want 1 badge, can I do that?

Absolutely, but, you might as well get a second standard badge for free! Our standard badges are priced at one (1) for $12 or two (2) for $12, so treat yourself or a colleague with that second badge.

How do I “Mix and Match” name badges to take advantage of discounted volume pricing?

Our 2 for $12, 5 for $24 pricing allows for multiple style, frames and Name/Title combinations, so add as many varying name badges to the cart and take advantage of our discounted volume pricing.

Is there an easier way for me to order name badges for a large number of people?

Yes! If you are ordering for more than 15 people, please reach out to our Customer Success Team and we will provide a spreadsheet for you to complete. We’ll use the completed spreadsheet to streamline the ordering process and save you some time and energy!

Can I get a Pin Back instead of your Standard Magnetic Back?

Yes. If you need us to substitute a Pin Back on your name badge(s), please place an order and contact us with your Order Confirmation Number (MRK#######) informing which badge(s) you’d like to have with a pin back. You can reply to your order confirmation email, send us a chat, or call our Customer Success Team.

What are your badges made of?

Our standard framed badges consist of a resin-coated dome print inset on a plastic silver, gold or black frame which is affixed to a magnetic fastener. Our frameless standard badge is a resin-coated dome print that is glued to an aluminum back, which is then affixed to a magnetic fastener.

Our premium framed badges are direct print to aluminum (Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, or White), inset into a metal frame, and then affixed to a magnetic fastener.

Our Custom-Shaped badges direct print to aluminum (Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, or White), and then affixed to a magnetic fastener.

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