Four ways to tell your team about your shop

A shop with all your logos, curated templates, and unique designs means nothing without team adoption. Below you'll find several resources to help you communicate with your team. Choose the method that sets up your people for success.

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1) Print flyers for your team

If you have in-person meetings or a busy office then the best way to notify your team may be with good ole fashion flyers. Deliver to desks, and make available in breakrooms and common areas.

Download Print Files:
Product Overview / Agent Pack Flyer
Football Group Order Form


2) Email your team

We have designed an email series that informs your team how to use their shop, including the best ways to save time and money when ordering. You can use our copy to build your own emails, or you can provide us with your team's emails and we'll take care of the rest.

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3) Social posts ready to use

Spread the word about your company shop with a series of social media posts. We've drafted ready-made content perfect for introducing your new company shop to your team. Copy and paste directly or tweak it using our starting points until it's just right for your audience.

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4) Back office or resource center assets

Make sure your team always has access to your shop. We've provided short and long descriptions and an image so you can easily add us to your intranet, back office, internal resource center, or company portal.

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