Creative marketing with sports trivia magnets.

Starting at 100 for $41  I  Ships in 2-5 days

Region-specific multi-sport trivia with multiple designs

An evergreen option for marketing to sports fans

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Sports trivia reference magnets


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Enhance your marketing

Envelopes custom printed with your address and stock envelopes, sizes 7, 10, and jumbo


Add your return address
Starting at 100 for $7
Add a custom message with message inserts

Message Inserts

Add a personal touch
100 for $10
Complete the package and make a great first impression with baseball sticker seals

Envelope Sealers

The finishing touch
100 for $5
Canvas a neighborhood with doorknob bags, perfect for calendars, reference magnets, and sports schedules

Doorknob Bags

Bundle your kit together
100 for $7

Powerful and cost-effective promo

With a designated spot to attach any standard size business card, these sports trivia magnets are perfect to buy in bulk and share with the whole office. Their versatility and cost effectiveness make them the ultimate marketing tool. Ships in 2-5 business days.

• Product size: 3.5” x 9” 
• Fits in a #10 envelope  
• Mails with 1-ounce stamp

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Peel off to expose the adhesive and attach your business card to these sports trivia magnets
Peel off the adhesive layer

When your schedules arrive, they're ready for you to personalize.  Peel off the top to reveal the adhesive.

Attach your business card to these sports trivia magnets
Attach your favorite business card

The best part about these products is that they can be customized for you or a colleague. Attach your business card to the adhesive to make the card yours.

Your sports trivia magnets are ready to share
Share with your audience

The distribution options are endless. Mail them, hand them out in person, leave stacks available to the public at local businesses. Find your target audience and stay in front of them.


We mail it for you

Mailer magnets save you time and money. Customize your info, write a personal message, and we mail them out to your contacts within 7-10 business days.

• Product size: 3.5” x 9”
• No envelope needed, mails like a postcard
• Fast mailing with First Class service included

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Sports trivia mailer card that we send out for you
Standard sports trivia card magnet

Our most popular

Tackle your marketing goals with these easy-to-design sports trivia magnet cards. The top of each will feature your photo, logo, and company info. Select your city and favorite design from dozens of options and these will be printed and shipped to you in 2-5 business days.

• Product size: 3.5” x 9”
• Fit in a #10 envelope
• Mails with 1-ounce stamp

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Attract premium prospects

A full magnet back equals more attractive power. Give your clients a useful resource that they'll be excited to feature on their fridge. A fun and creative alternative to calendars and notepads, sports trivia magnets are a great way to connect with your client base.

• Product size: 3.5” x 9”
• Fit in a #10 envelope
• Mails with 2-ounce stamp

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Premium sports trivia magnet

Distribution Tips & Tricks

Stepping outside of the normal go-to promo like calendars and notepads, sports magnets are unique and tap into the special interests of your clients.

Promo they want to take home

Offer these in lieu of business cards at open houses, front desk reception, or conventions and tradeshows. People love swag, and sports trivia magnets are both helpful and fun, making them irresistible.

Any season promotion

Reference magnets are helpful year-round, making them an extremely versatile option when it comes to cost-effective marketing. Having extras is never a waste; they can be used as a consistent piece of promo that you always have on hand.

Zero in on your target audience

Work smarter, notharder, when it comes to planning where you'll distribute your reference magnets. Make sure you align your featured category with the right target audience. For example, if you order cooking-themed magnets, circulate them at farmer's markets and grocery stores. If you order health-focused magnets, thenleave stacks for free pick up at local gyms. 

Always keep some in your car

It's a business card with a cherry on top. Always have some reference magnets on hand to gift to anyone you meet.

Diverse sports facts just for your fans

Whether your town is obsessed with football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or even soccer, we have a mix of evergreen, region-specific trivia including both pro and college teams that is sure to live on any sports fan's fridge for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product type I choose affect the type of envelope I need or how much the postage will be to mail it? 


Yes. Here’s a quick reference for you by product, but for more info, please visit our knowledge base.  

Peel & Stick Magnet Card – Size: 3.5” x 9”  |  Recommended Envelope: #10  |  Mails for: 1-ounce stamp
Personalized Magnet Card – Size: 3.5” x 9”  |  Recommended Envelope: #10  |  Mails for: 1-ounce stamp  
Mailer Magnet Card – Size: 3.5” x 9”  |  Mails for: 1-ounce stamp  
Standard Full Magnet – Size: 3.5” x 9”  |  Recommended Envelope: #10  |  Mails for: 2-ounce stamp   

Can you mail my magnets for me?


Yes! We offer a variety of mailing options for you.  

Magnetic Card Mailer: Our easiest, and most cost-effective solution is our Magnetic Card Mailer, which allows you to design your magnet and your personalized postcard message online, then upload (or email later) your mailing list. We’ll print your personalized message and recipient address on the back of the reference magnet and mail them for you! Pricing is provided online during ordering process.

Mailings for Schedules in Envelopes: Design your reference magnet and corresponding envelopes, add to cart and checkout. Send us an email or chat with your order # and mailing list, and indicate whether you want first class or bulk mail. We’ll update your order, get approval and payment, and process your mailing. Mailing Service includes list processing, printing, stuffing, sealing and stamping. $0.35/pc. (250 pc minimum)

We also offer EDDM options! Please contact the Customer Success Team for more info.

Can I put my own design on one of these magnets? Can you do one for my city?


Yes! Please contact us via chat or email on how we can help.

How do I place an order?


Here’s a quick set of instructions to get you going, but visit our Help Center for more help and video tutorials.

1. Select your design
2. Select your product type
3. Select your quantity.
4. Personalize your magnet with your information, logos and photos
5. Review and Approve your online digital proof.

Need more help?

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