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Why Football Is  An Essential Marketing  Opportunity

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Football continues to grow and cement itself as America’s most popular sport. The Super Bowl is always the year’s top-rated TV program. Sunday Night Football has been the #1 TV series since 2011. Cities big and small rally around their favorite college and professional teams. It’s never far from a fan’s mind, which opens up a constant flow of opportunity to connect with your customers and prospective clients.

Here are 5 reasons that you should consider taking advantage of the football season as a means of making sure that you, your business, and your brand are top of mind. We’ve also included customer testimonials of why and how they use football schedule magnets (and other football-related products) in their marketing, and the tangible results they see.


  1. 1) Football is America’s most popular sport. A recent Gallup poll finds that 37% of Americans listed football as their favorite sport to watch, out-ranking basketball (11%) and baseball (9%) by significant margins. That means that even if you don’t watch or like football, the people around you do. Understanding your audience and relating to the things that affect them is key to cultivating relationships, and sports is an easy way to start a conversation. You don’t even have to talk about football as much as convey that you know that it may be of interest to those around you.

“This is my 12th year buying football magnets from House Of Magnets and I can unequivocally state that they have helped me grow my business. Not a year goes by that I’m not invited into the home of a prospective seller only to see one of my magnets displayed prominently on the fridge.”
- Leon Dienes, San Diego, CA

  1. 2) Football Is Local. Between college and professional football, there is likely a team (or teams) that has a following in your town. Fans identify closely with their teams, and this can help you to identify with your customers, both current and prospective. We know of customers that bring football schedule magnets to games to hand out, capturing the excitement of the event and associating themselves with that excitement.

“Love the football magnets and I share them with everyone while I’m at the Titans games. People call me each year to get on my mailing list!”
- Laura Cragon Zeitlin, Nashville, TN

  1. Everything is local football
  2. 3) Football Stays Top-Of-Mind: Between the regular season schedule and  pre- and post-season games, football can dominate mind share for nearly half of the year. And because storylines change weekly, it provides a consistent reason to remind customers that you’re aligned with the excitement. Divide your investment in football-related marketing by six months and you’ve got one of the most cost-effective means of marketing yourself every year.

“I have trackable business from these football schedules specifically. I will continue to make House Of Magnets a staple in my marketing plan. My database looks forward to receiving them every season.”
- Connie Kitkoski, Houston, TX

  1. 4) Rivalries = opportunity. Football has some historic (and newer) rivalries, and in some cases that works with multiple teams in a city or a state. And trust us, people are passionate about these rivalries. Some examples of these local or state-wide rivalries include:

  1. USC vs. UCLA
    Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt

    Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals  

VS graphic

These rivalries present great opportunities for you to engage customers. For example:

- You can print multiple teams’ schedules on a single magnet to appeal to households with multiple favorite teams.
- You can order any of our college football conference schedules to showcase schedules for all teams in a conference 
- You can print magnet schedules of different teams and run a promotion for people to receive the team magnet they want. This increases engagement for you via email or social media.

With our special pricing starting at quantities of 100 pieces, that means you can better target your promotional pieces to your customers’ tastes at a price that work for you (as opposed to others that require you to buy 400 or even 1,000 magnets to get similar, but still not as good, pricing).

“I’ve gotten business from the football schedules and sold houses. Some of my clients ask for more magnets to give to their boss and others in their office.”
- Dave Atcheson, Tulsa, OK 

Alone on the field

5) There’s Always Something New. Every new season has new reasons to watch. Football, both college and pro, is like an ongoing drama with new twists and turns, and gets binge-watched as much as Game Of Thrones. Star players change teams (Antonio Brown to the Raiders! Odell Beckham Jr. is with the Browns!), rookies have massive expectations placed on them (Kyler Murray will save the Cardinals! Why did the Giants draft Daniel Jones at #6?!), and perennial powerhouses battle against time (How long can Brady be great? Can Aaron Rodgers come back from an injury?).

All of this means that your customers have storylines that they follow, and you have an opportunity to stay in their mind through that. A football schedule magnet is a daily reminder to a customer of something they care about, and your name and picture on it reminds them that you’re the one to call, because you obviously understand what’s important to them.

“A man in my doctor’s office kept staring at me, so he finally asked where he knew me from. I replied that I didn’t know, but that I’m a Realtor and marketed all over town. He said, “Oh! That’s where I’ve seen you. We have your football magnet on our fridge!”
- Laura Landen, Boise, ID

It would be easy to find a whole other batch of reasons to include football in your marketing mix. It all boils down to the ubiquity of the sport, the emotional attachment to teams and players, and the opportunity for you to align your brand with that excitement and emotion.

Please consider visiting our website or calling one of our Customer Happiness representatives today and making our football products part of your mix.


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